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Honda FCX Clarity

Toyota Planning Ahead for Fuel Cell Demand

Fuel economy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission standards will become more challenging to meet in the coming decade(s), which means that the future could include more fuel cell vehicles on our roads. Honda’s FCX Clarity currently exists as the sole fuel cell vehicle on the American market – albeit only available in parts of California - available for lease.

However, other automakers are also planning for this technology. Toyota, the current market leader in gas-electric hybrid vehicle sales in the U.S. market and worldwide, is preparing to introduce hydrogen fuel cell vehicles into its lineup. In anticipation of regulatory requirements and consumer demand for carbon-free vehicles, Toyota recently announced that it wants to supply tens of thousands of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles over the course of the next decade.

Toyota displayed its hydrogen-powered FCV-R concept car at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this month. The main appeal over battery electric vehicles is its range, which is comparable to that of a gasoline vehicle.

While fuel cell vehicles still face challenges such as lack of infrastructure and consumer acceptance, they have the potential to meet long term goals to reduce dependency on oil, increase fuel economy, lower GHG emissions and reduce tailpipe emissions. To help realize these goals, Toyota is planning ahead for future fuel cell demand.